Daily Fishing Reports in Barnegat Light, NJ

Fluke and Sea Bass
Thursday July 12
Have seen a few more fluke coming over the rail the last few days. Some very nice keeper sea bass and fluke are ending up on ice. The shorts and sea robins are keeping everyone busy. Weather looks great for the coming weekend.
Monday July 9
Last few days have been a bit different for the month of July. We had very strong winds out of the northeast, which is more typical of late summer or fall. The fluke surprising fed heavy, but mostly shorts. Today was the opposite with very little drift. Lots of sea robins and short sea bass to keep the rod bent. Later in the trip the drift picked up and more fluke started coming over the rail. They are there waiting for the right conditions to feed.
Friday July 6
Last few days provided action for all. We had the mix of fluke and sea bass. Seems like when the conditions are in our favor the fish cooperate. A lack of drift hurt us on the 4th, but was better yesterday.
Tuesday July 3
We've been catching a mix of fluke from nice sized 3-4 pounders to some peewees. The sea bass season is open again and they have been hitting well. Got to weed through the shorts to get the humpheads, but they are there. Monday the bucktailers won the day while today the squid and spearing crew got the majority.
Saturday June 30
Fishing was better early and later in the week. We had a bit of northwest wind on Monday that had the fluke biting well. Both bait and bucktails worked well. Things in the middle of the week were tough. Wind against the tide and overall tough days. Thunderstorms in the early morning scared everyone away on Thursday so the fish were hungry for our baits on Friday. Today was a bit tougher with not much drift. Come beat the heat and reel in some fun.
Sunday June 24
Fishing was better earlier in the week. We had a bit of northeast wind on Friday and Saturday which turned the fishing off a bit. Things should get better this week with some nicer weather. The water is still warming slowly due to the cooler spring so as the temp climbs the fishing should get better too.

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