Daily Fishing Reports

Striper and bluefish jigging every Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Boat leaves at 7 AM sharp. 

November 23, 2020

Striper fishing has been tough so far this season in our area. The water is still 55F and that may be delaying the migration. The bad part is we've had great weather for November and the fishing has been tough. The good is that thee are still fish out in Montauk so we hope to have fish for quite a while to come.

This past weekend we had very good fishing on Friday with limits for most. Saturday the traffic was a huge factor in slowing the fishing down. In fact, it generally stunk with only a few fish caught. Sunday was a little better with some bonus fish, a few keeper size and a few throwbacks and one over. We saw fish, but they were on top most of the day. Bring shads, sand eel imitations, plugs and poppers just in case they are on top. There is plenty of bait; sand eels, squid and bunker; so we hope as more fish slide south the bite will turn on.

We are fishing Thanksgiving 6AM to NOON sharp. Firday through Sunday normal schedule 7AM  to 2PM.  


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