Captain John Larson, Aug 11, 1933- Dec 23, 2009

Captain John Larson, owner of the Miss Barnegat Light, passed away Dec 23,2009 from complications from heart surgery.

He leaves his wife Marion of 56 years, a large family of seven children and 13 grandchildren and great grandchildren.

John and Marion bought the original Miss Barnegat Light from his father in 1962. Two larger boats after that original one, is the current catamaran that you all know. John moved on to more business in the commercial fishing industry with long lining for tilefish, swordfish and tuna, and also for sea scallops.

Employing his children as teenagers and their friends on the Miss Barnegat Light, meeting people from all over the world with his businesses, left him a well-known man. Some of those grown-up teenagers still continue to work in his endeavors.

He will be missed by so many people. If you were ever a customer on the Miss Barnegat Light when he was the captain, you would surely remember him. Lenny, his right hand man, has continued with this fishing tradition on the Miss Barnegat Light, and will continue to give it his all..............just like John taught everyone.